Very succesfull game but still only for linux terminals.

You look like a star and everywhere are zombies (looking like a O). Aims of the game are survive and reach the finish. Zombies can feel you if you are in the same room and they want to eat/kill you. But you have bombs and you can destroy everythink.

Control is simple. For moving use numbers : 8246 and for setting a bomb use 5. Bomb will explode after 5 turns from setting.

Me and my friends discovered few modes of the game during playing.

  • ./gregoid 100  –  the highest number of killed zombies win (do not hope that you will reach the finish)
  • ./gregoid         – standard mode, just try to reach the finish
  • ./gregoid 2     – one-turn game – try to define a way to finish without confirming moves (optionaly give a timeout)

It is possible to download from



Standard mode of game Gregoid – you can see: you (*), bomb (wierd symbol), zombies (O); Start is in left-bottom corner and finish is in right-top corner

Snímek z 2016-02-10 11:09:57

Special mode of game. Try reach the finish without confirming moves

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